2014 BEST Food Truck Taco!

Winner! Winner chicken TACO dinner!

As many of you probably know, we’ve been gunning for that number 1 spot lately. The battle for 2014 BEST food truck taco in North America was close. Along with fifteen other trucks, lloyd made it to the final round. Box of Chacos (Hollywood, FL), Dia de los Tacos (Marquette, MI) and What the Fork (Scranton, PA) and lloyd were neck and neck (and neck and neck) until the very end!

After the dust settled, lloyd Taco Trucks came out victorious! With over 25,000 votes logged and carefully counted Mobile Cuisine made their announcement on Tuesday.

So THANK YOU, Buffalo! We wouldn’t have been able to do this without you guys (for realz, it was a fan-based contest).

It’s been great to see so many of our lloyal customers get so excited with us! We’re truly HUMBLED and honored that so many people took the time to participate and tell so many more to vote for their favorite taco truck taco. As usual, Buffalo pride was alive and well.

Many organizations and individuals were instrumental in getting the word out! A spicy and SPECIAL thanks to Canisus College for putting us on their alumni page; to Andrew Galarneau at BN for his blog about the competition. Props to @shyguyshawn and Janet & Nick for their shout-outs. We are grateful for Buff State and the Elmwood Village Association for their respective twitter and email blasts!

For those of you who want to know more about how lloyd came to be, CHECK out Mobile Cuisine’s front page piece about us! It’s a fantastic bit!


ps- If Dia de los Tacos (Marquette, MI) and What the Fork (Scranton, PA) ever make over to Buffalo, we’d love to treat you guys to some FUN and games.. seriously, NO joke 🙂