During the last week of April we ran a contest thru Social Media to find the most creative, unique and lloyd-esque burrito selfie Buffalonians had to offer. Using #ABurritoADay, we received over 20 submissions from people of all ages (even some dogs) all vying for the crown.


One lucky winner received a free burrito everyday during the month of May. That’s right. 31 days. 31 burritos. Can life get any better? I submit that it CANNOT!

And the Winner Is…..

After a lot of laughs and serious deliberation, we were proud to announce Ryan Delmar of Kegworks the winner!! This guy took our contest to the next level by wrapping himself in tin foil (helps to have loyal friends by your side), then photoshopping it to make it look like he’s being held by some burrito-loving giant.

The result? Pure genius.

A Burrito A Day Winner 2

We surprised him at work to make it official. We’re pretty sure this will be the best May of his life.

Lets Break It Down

We utilized the International Burrito Selfie Scoring Criteria (IBSSC) to breakdown each pic that was submitted so we were able to correctly and fairly score each submission. Here’s how Ryan’s pic faired:

Creativity: 10/10

Absurdity: 10/10

Hilarity: 10/10

Use of Burrito: 10/10

Difficulty of Production: 10/10

Devotion: 10/10

“lloyd”-ness: 10/10

Sensuality: 10/10

Bizarreness: 10/10

Use of Space: 10/10

Did It Make lloyd Proud?: 8,000%!

With a perfect 100 on the IBSSC, he was the obvious Champ. It’s the first time we’ve seen such a score.

Honorable Mentions

Like we said before, it wasn’t an easy decision. Not by a long shot. We had a dedicated team of burrito enthusiasts from all over the world spend an entire weekend analyzing each pic.

Since the competition was so stiff, we had no choice but to acknowledge some of the other submissions who received 1st place votes:

A Burrito a Day Ralph wilsonA Burrito A day two girlsA Burrito A Day praiseA Burrito A day Lion KingA Burrito A Day GQ.jpg-largeA Burrito A day Dog.jpg-large

Make sure you’re following Ryan on Twitter as he’s posting daily pics of his quest to down 31 burritos in 31 days. Will he follow up #ABurritoADay in May with #ATacoADay in June? Only time will tell…..