Food Truck Freedom – A Call to Action

The City of Buffalo Common Council will hold a final meeting regarding food truck legislation on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 2:00 PM in council chambers on the 13th floor of City Hall. The current food truck ordinance will expire April 1st.Lloydians, City of Buffalo residents, people who work in Buffalo– we need your help! The current ordinance imposes a licensing fee of $1,000 per truck, per year, giving Buffalo the highest food truck fee in the nation. Cities like LA, New York, Austin and Cleveland charge significantly lower fees for a food truck license. The $1,000 fee is cost-prohibitive to many, and has proven to be harmful to Buffalo’s fledgling food truck economy. Lloyd, together with an association of several other food trucks, are advocating for a decreased fee.You can help us, and all current and future food truck vendors, by exercising your civic rights! If you are a Buffalo resident, call or email your Common Council representative and let him or her know that you support a decreased fee for food truck licensing. Find your representative’s contact information here: Attend the meeting on Tuesday; it’s open to the public. Sign up to speak at the meeting and voice your opinion for the record. Show your support by wearing Lloyd gear!

If you’d like to learn more about food trucks, the Institute for Justice recently published a study titled “Seven Myths and Realities about Food Trucks: Why the Facts Support Food Truck Freedom.” Here’s a link:

Food truck freedom is on the line! We want to continue to serve high-quality, creative food at fair prices to our loyal customers. Tell the Common Council you want a lower fee for food trucks!