How do YOU love lloyd? Count the ways!

Lloyal lloydians, we need your help… lloyd is participating in a HUGE event soon to be announced & we need you lover letters 4 the shindig…a TON of them!

Here’s the scoop:

On plain WHITE paper & in PEN, confess your love 4 lloyd. It can b a letter, a poem, a drawing, etc. It can be as sappy as the maple syrup on a Dirty South or as “raunchy” as Rocket Sauce.

Bring your letter to the truck OR make yours while waiting 4 your grub! Pens & paper will b @ each truck beginning 2nite. (NO texts, emails, fb or Twitter posts will b accepted.) Deadline is dinner service on Tues, Nov12.

BONUS: jillions of love letters will be used, but we’ll be giving 10 Truck Buck$ 2 our TOP 10. Plz include your name & # if you wish 2 b considered. Winners will be announced byNov15.