New year, new (and improved) lloyd experience

You may have noticed some changes on the trucks lately. No need to panic, we’ve got your back. For any of you who like new grub options or prefer to pay with plastic, this is all about you 😉

Credit Cards!

We’ve got brand new Square Point of Sale terminals on OG, Dos and the III which is great because we can now accept all major credit cards. We can even print bonafide receipts, so for those of you accounting maniacs: No more handwritten receipts!

New menu!

With changes like these we’ve had to reorganize our menu. We even took the opportunity to introduce some new items. For instance the burrito BOWL is finally officially part of the lloyd menu. We’re calling it “EL CAMINO,” which in spanish simply means “the path” or “the way.” Why El Camino, you ask? It was actually the nickname one of our co-founders had back in day. Try and guess which?

2014 is also the year we say hello to CREMA Mexicana! We’ve finally been able to find a consistent supplier. Trust us, it’s a serious upgrade! Don’t forget to try some on your next tacos.

We’ve also got new taco shells with improved texture and taste. They’re more authentic, the real deal Holyfield! Made from stone ground corn with no additives. Higher quality indeed. Better for you. Better for your belly.

As many of you know, our Regular Nachos have been around since the beginning of time and after much soul-searching, we’re getting back to our roots? Say “Yo” to Nachos REG-U-LAR! Feel free pronounce the “U” like “oo,” because that’s how Frederico Flintstone did it.

New pricing

Ok. So, on a more sobering note: prices have gone up slightly. lloyd has always strived to give you amazing meal options at reasonable prices, and we still will. No diggity. No doubt.

Market costs have risen which contributes to a large portion of what you pay. Elevated feed prices become problematic and the cold weather has had a direct effect on Beef prices.

As we grow, we’ve also had to make some additions to the way we do business. Accepting credit cards is a part of that picture. So yes, our new POS does enable us to charge credit, but it will add a little to the price line.

But don’t freak out just yet, in spite of all these changes we will still offer you a lunch or dinner that won’t break the bank. We’ve done our best to keep the average order under ten bucks per person. That means for less than a tenner your happy belly can stay happy!