lloyd is 6 years old!

It all began July 28, 2010, when a 1984 Step Van purchased from Corpus Christi, Texas rolled up to Main & Mohawk in downtown Buffalo. Food trucks had officially entered Buffalo. The company? lloyd What followed over the next few years was a food truck REVOLUTION leading to over 50 trucks all over the city … Read more

Brunch is Coming

You’ve been tweeting, Facebook messaging, Instagramming, calling, texting & sending out smoke signals all in the name of one thing: for lloyd Taco Factory to be open on Sundays. Well, lloyd heard and lloyd listened. This Sunday, July 17th, the Taco Factory will be open for Brunch! For the OG lloyd fans you’ll be happy to hear … Read more

What’s on Tap?

As Plato once said, “He was a wise man who invented beer.” That’s a damn good statement. At the Taco Factory we’re known more for our craft cocktails and specialty tacos than our beer choices. We’ve got 6 rotating beers on tap and 2 bottles to satisfy those who are looking for the one drink … Read more


  Our ancestors had it all figured out: raising cattle without the use of hormones, growing vegetables free of pesticides and putting meals together from scratch. Since then we’ve grown accustomed to quick and easy as a society and have forgotten the ways of dinners past. Here at lloyd Taco Factory we pay homage to … Read more


During the last week of April we ran a contest thru Social Media to find the most creative, unique and lloyd-esque burrito selfie Buffalonians had to offer. Using #ABurritoADay, we received over 20 submissions from people of all ages (even some dogs) all vying for the crown. Why? One lucky winner received a free burrito everyday … Read more

Want a S’more? S’more what?

  When we finally opened the doors of the Taco Factory on December 19th, 2015, customers lined up early to get their spot in line. What brought them there? Months of anticipation, dreams of finally being able to get lloyd anytime of day and the ability to enjoy your favorite tacos with an alcoholic beverage … Read more

Mezcal: Versatile, Unique and Sexy

If the word hasn’t spread yet, we like Mezcal. A lot. So much so we have over 50 bottles of the spirit making up the backbone of our bar at lloyd Taco Factory. Our house Mezcal is Agave de Cortes Joven, an Espadin varietal from Oaxaca (province in Mexico). We chose this particular bottle as … Read more

One If By Land, Two If By Sea

The past 5 and a half years have been great to lloyd: 4 taco trucks & a brand new brick and mortar location on Hertel Avenue. The question isn’t what will lloyd do next, it’s “What WON’T lloyd do next?” lloyd is Taking To the High Seas!! Yep, you read that right. We’ve gotten board … Read more

The New Wonder Bread

While some evidence points to 10,000 BC for the birth of the tortilla, we’d like to think even our Cavemen ancestors marked Taco Tuesday on their calendars. In recent years, tacos and all things tortilla have experienced somewhat of a Renaissance. Not only have Americans jumped on the bandwagon, the rest of the world has … Read more

The New School

The days of ground beef, cheese & lettuce in a hard shell tortilla are over. Over the years lloyd has experimented outside of the “standard” menu highlighted by roasted tomatillo pork & braised beef tacos. Those who have been patronizing the truck since the Main & Mohawk days might remember a singing fish strapped to … Read more