Not enough pizazz in the Olympic games for you? Well we’ve got a taco contest that’ll rock your socks off!

Somewhere in a locked glass case there’s a beautiful shiny trophy with our name on it. It’s lloyd. And that trophy’s ours! It’s all part of a North American contest for best taco served from a truck held by Mobile Cuisine.

What’s Mobile Cuisine, you ask? It’s an online trade magazine about food trucks, food carts and all things food and mobile stationed out of Berwyn, IL. The FAN-FAVORITE in 2013 was El Gastronomo Vagabundo from St. Catharines, ON. And if Ontario can win, us Buffalonians better step up and show them how we “roll” on this side of the pond 😉

Readers are invited to vote on their favorite taco from their favorite taco truck (*ahem*) and the winner gets bragging rights for an entire year! So REP the 716 – We need your votes to show Buffalo’s got culinary chops. Time to put Chef Chris and his Sous “Big Daddy” on the map!

Most of you may remember a couple summers ago, when we finished in 2nd place in the Food Network’s casting contest for The Great Food Truck Race. We came THAT close! Let’s take home the bacon on this one to avenge our previous defeat.

Mobile Cuisine is accepting submissions now and VOTES may be cast as often as one’s heart may dare desire. Don’t be afraid to go overboard in the name of lloyd!

You can only submit one taco at a time and you must include the name of the truck (officially, lloyd Taco Trucks & Catering). Then list your specific taco of choice and don’t forget to mention where the truck operates. It’s…um…Buffalo.

The contest will be run in two separate legs. Round 1: the deadline to submit your votes is 12 p.m. Central Time on Friday, February 21, 2014 and they can be done via email at: or through the Mobile Cuisine site. Round 2: Once the “Top 10” tally has been collected, a poll will open on Monday, February 24, 2014 to vote for the finalist!

Let the games begin. Thanks for supporting lloyd! May the BEST taco win!