Not Your Tipico Cold Brew


Churn Cold Brew is now available at BOTH Taco Factories!!

Using Tipico Coffee Coordinates Blend (beans sourced from Ethiopia, Brazil & Colombia), we’ve created a brew that’s as smooth as it is delicious, which is pretty damn smooth!! You’ll get hints of chocolate, caramel & toffee.




Wait, what the hell is Cold Brew? Isn’t it just Iced Coffee?

Until now, you thought they were the same thing. You’re in luck, because just about everyone else thinks so, too, and the difference is bigger than you might think.


Iced coffee is simply hot coffee poured over ice. And whaddya get from that? Bitter, watered down coffee because it was MEANT to be served hot.

Cold brew is brewed to be served cold. It’s a longer process done so purposely to extract a different flavor from the bean. The result? A smoother, less bitter drink.

How’s it Made?

We brew it for 4-5 hours. What’s unique about our process is the brewer we use: a funnel brewer with several dividers and layers so the grounds are evenly distributed in order to extract the flavors properly. We begin by boiling a small amount of water to create a concentrated blend, then add cold water to get that smoooooooth finish.


Many people were unaware & still are that Churn has a dedicated coffee program!! But it’s cool, we’d never hold that against you. We’re making it a priority when we open back up in the Spring.


See ya at either Taco Factory in the meantime 😉

1503 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo

5933 Main Street, Williamsville