The New Wonder Bread

While some evidence points to 10,000 BC for the birth of the tortilla, we’d like to think even our Cavemen ancestors marked Taco Tuesday on their calendars.

In recent years, tacos and all things tortilla have experienced somewhat of a Renaissance. Not only have Americans jumped on the bandwagon, the rest of the world has caught on. You’d be hard pressed not to find taco memes covering your FB feed on a daily basis.

Is it because tacos are always delicious? OF COURSE. But we need to thank tortillas for making our gastronomic dreams come true.


The History of Tortillas

Communities in Central America took advantage of the abundance of corn over time, creating unique ways to utilize the crop; the most popular of which being the tortilla.

Tacos, quesadillas, mulitas, arepas, the list goes on! The versatility & nutritional benefits made the product so attractive to the masses that it quickly became a staple.

Feeding families of all economic statuses and largely contributing to the rise of some of the most powerful empires. This is the legacy tortillas will leave behind (they make you STRONG! Didn’t you know?!)

Homer Flexing

A Taco a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Due in large part to an increasing Hispanic population and fitness revolution (see Crossfit) sweeping the US, tortillas have established a dominant market in the United States over the past 20 years. But why exactly?

They’re healthier and a higher quality than some of its competitors. Compared to white bread, corn tortillas offer ½ the carbs and about ½ the fat content ( When made the RIGHT way, tortillas bring more to the table.

Through a process called “nixtamalization“, corn is broken down by soaking in a lime-water solution. At lloyd, we use a 16-hour process which ultimately releases vital nutrients that are otherwise left out. We then grind the non-GMO corn into masa, and from there, Buffalo’s best tortillas are formed.

Our bodies simply cannot process corn, but through this process we are able to take advantage of it’s benefits.


Kiss Your Sandwich Goodbye

Tortilla sales have surpassed that of pasta, bagel, hamburger and hot dog buns. In 2013, sales climbed over $2.2 billion! American families are turning away from carb-laden buns in search of a healthier substitute. Taco Tuesday just sounds better than Sloppy Joe Sunday anways.

The times are changing, processed foods are becoming a thing of the past. #Realfood is what we’re after.