In an effort to stay true to our own goals as a company, lloyd makes his own tortillas. Not from flour. From scratch. Made with non-GMO corn, lloyd has dedicated an entire building at tis Buffalo taco factory to create  tortillas.


Nixtamalization is an age-old Aztec process of soaking corn in water treated with lime. The alkalizing process links the corn’s proteins to one another, turns some of its oil into emulsifiers, and gelatinizes a portion of the starch. The corn is then ready to be turned into a soft dough called “masa.”

Masa can be made into all manner of wonderful foodstuffs including tamales, tortillas, and all their permutations: chips, arepas, gorditas, and more. Any corn product that needs to stick together and be pliable has been nixtamalized or “wet-milled.”

Our Process

It’s a 16-hour process from corn kernel to fresh masa. But great things take time and sometimes cost more money. lloyd is always down with this sort of investment, because it tastes better and because he’s pretty much hardwired to strive for better every day.

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