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At this time, no one is allowed inside the dining area. A staff member will hand you your order at the door. We ask that you please observe the proper social distancing measures by wearing a mask and keeping at least 6ft away from others picking up their order.

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lloyd Loves Fundraising

lloyd Fundraising Info Sheet
Show this to your committee. It looks nicer than a printed webpage.

Tacos are delicious and fundraising helps make good things happen. Put them both together and you’ve got something that’ll make everyone happy.

Plus, unlike his cabbage cutting technique, lloyd made it pretty easy to host your next fundraiser at the Taco Factory in Williamsville.

How It Works

  1. lloyd creates a custom invite for your fundraiser
  2. You tell everyone you know about it and share your invite everywhere
  3. The night of your fundraiser, you and your friends come in for dinner and show your invite when ordering
  4. lloyd writes a check to your organization for 15% of that night’s net sales

Get the Burrito Rollin’

Ready to get your fundraiser scheduled? Great. Fill this out and click submit. lloyd (or one of his friends) will reach out after.