Reunited and the Music Will Feel So Good


Back when lloyd was just a young guy still trying to figure out how to pay for an engine to stay in business, he threw a party. That party raised enough funds to keep him in business. At that party, DJ LoPro spun music all night long while the lloyd crew dished out tacos & cold beers. On June 27th out in Williamsville, LoPro makes his return to lloyd for Music on Main!


Reunited and the Music Will Feel So Good 1

Can I Dance?

Yeah. Hell yeah. And you really should. We have enough room in our Williamsville Taco Factory for you to let loose while you enjoy some cocktails & tacos during the show. Live music at lloyd means FREE admission every week! Catch DJ LoPro from 6-8p on June 27th playing a mix of hip-hop, rock, & rap. He mixes his own music & adds some outside influences, come check it out!


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