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lloyd cares about you almost as much as he cares about food. That’s why he sources antibiotic- and hormone-free meats. His black beans are organic. He uses ingredients from local farms and food artisans whenever it makes the most sense: Flat #12 mushrooms, Promised Land CSA cabbage, kale from Arden Farm, cottage bacon from The Piggery, etc. When a dedicated professional can raise or make something better then lloyd, he’s not too proud to admit it!

However, only in rare instances has someone besides lloyd prepared any part of your meal. Elm Street Bakery’s magnificent torta roll is one of the few examples we can think of, so is The Piggery’s amazing nitrate-free hot dog; both of which are currently found on lloyd’s menu. Otherwise, lloyd makes all his tortillas, sides, and desserts from scratch. He marinates and cooks his carefully selected meats using his private stash of secret spices and seasonings and creates all the toppings, crumbles, and boldly-flavored sauces that set his street food apart.

Whether you’re talking about lloyd’s pickled reds, signature rocket sauce, killer queso, crispy fish, Southern-fried chicken, braised beef, or any of his specials—like the ever-popular Wu-Tang Chicken taco or the #BigWillieStyle burrito—you can be sure lloyd sourced the best ingredients he could find and cooked them from scratch, just for you, Buffalo.


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