Besides Cinco de Mayo, National Taco Day, & Bruce Lee’s birthday, there’s another day out there lloyd holds near & dear to his heart. This Friday marks National Margarita Day!! We’re kicking up the jams with $8 mezcal & tequila margaritas all day long. Checkout the hours for both Taco Factories right here. Choose … Read more

Pour Your Heart Out for llo(ve)yd

You pour your heart out to lloyd in tweets, Facebook posts, emails, reviews, & your diary. You look for nothing in return, other than the gratification that lloyd himself reads every single one of your messages. That’s all you’ve ever needed: acknowledgement.   But today (and for the next 6 days), your love letters & … Read more

Home Alone Bash!!

  I’m gonna give you to the count of 10, to get your ugly, yella, no-good keister to my Taco Factories! On December 21st we’re throwing our yearly Home Alone Bash at not 1, but BOTH Taco Factories from 8p-close. We’re serving up food & drink specials all night at both locations with Home Alone … Read more

Clothing Drive 2k18

  If you know lloyd at all, you know he loves to team up with the Buffalo City Mission whenever possible.   The past few years we’ve brought a truck by for “Christmas in July” where we serve free burritos to their residents & staff. We ran a canned food drive last fall with free … Read more

Bourbon, Bacon & BBQ

  Summer ain’t over ‘til the bbq cools down — and we’re about to stoke the coals.   Bourbon, Bacon, & BBQ combines Four Roses bourbon-inspired cocktails and the lloyd chefs’ take on Texas-style bbq for an end of summer bash.   The Drinks Four Roses has been hand-crafting their award-winning bourbon since 1888. A … Read more

Join the lloyd mafia

  We love hanging out with 26 Shirts so much we decided to launch another shirt together. If you don’t already know about them (if not, where have you been?), they create t-shirts that benefit people & charities around Buffalo. They’re doing some seriously awesome work around here!   Introducing the lloyd mafia tee!! When … Read more

Christmas in July: 4th Edition

  Christmas takes too long to wait for so lloyd decided to make it a bi-annual celebration a few years back. The past 3 years we’ve teamed up with the Buffalo City Mission to serve lunch to the men at their Tupper location, and drop off burritos to the women and children of Cornerstone Manor … Read more

#Buffalloyd Week

  In 2010, a man named lloyd came to Buffalo with the crazy idea of selling tacos out of a truck. 8 years later he opened 3 more trucks, 2 restaurants and an ice cream shop. Now, when people mention Buffalo, the first thing they think of is lloyd. Not the Bills or Sabres, not … Read more

Tiki + Tacos = One Kickass Party

  Tiki parties are fun. Authentic tiki parties are even better.   That’s where lloyd and The Veiled Pearl come in. We’re teaming up with Buffalo’s tiki cocktail master to bring you the ultimate summer kick-off party: Tiki & Tacos 2018. The Drinks The Veiled Pearl launched in January 2018 to fill a void in … Read more