lloyd Teams Up with M.A.P. for Negroni Week

  We look forward to Negroni Week every year and teaming up with a local organization. We’ve teamed up with Black Dog Second Chance and City of Buffalo Animal Shelter in years past, and this year we’ve chosen the Massachusetts Avenue Project (M.A.P.)! M.A.P. works to nurture the growth of a diverse, accessible, and equitable … Read more

Over 700 Votes Later, Aloha Shrimp is the Winner!

  In our first ever crowd sourced food contest, 2,000 people chimed in to choose between four unique lloyd specials designed by our chefs.   Options ranged from Chef Jen’s “Southern Twang” (Chicken fried steak, braised greens, pickled sweet corn, mustard slaw), Chef Teddy’s “Aloha Shrimp” (Crispy coconut shrimp, piña colada sauce, cilantro rice, pineapple … Read more

Live Music on Elmwood: Copy & Paste This!!

  The last hurrah!! Copy & paste this and email your local councilmember.   Thanks for your continued support!   TO:  Clayton Hoyt, City of Buffalo Public Information Officer COPY: Councilmember Feroleto SUBJECT:   Proposed 716 Elmwood Restaurant Renovation Councilmember Feroleto, I am a resident of the city of Buffalo and live at (INSERT HOME ADDRESS) and I … Read more

First Ever Customer Contest!

  (VOTING HAS ENDED, WINNER ANNOUNCED SOON) Four Chefs. Four Recipes. One Champion.     We are letting YOU pick the next lloyd special! A few members of our culinary team have created brand new recipes ranging from pumpkin spiced tofu, chicken fried steak, crispy coconut shrimp, and a grilled steak with french fries burrito. … Read more

Churn Ice Cream Sandwiches Hit the Co-op!

  Grab your reusable bags and head to the Lexington Co-Op, Churn Ice Cream Sandwiches have finally hit the shelves!!! In the freezer section to be exact. Head over to their North Buffalo location 1678 Hertel Ave, or to their Elmwood location 807 Elmwood Ave and let’s get this ice cream party started!     … Read more

12 Days of lloyd Christmas

  12 Days of giveaways beginning this Saturday!   From 12/12-12/23 you’ll have chances to win prizes & all you have to do is order your daily burrito like you’ve been doing the past 23 straight months. But, we’re doing this thing IN REVERSE! On the first day we’ll have 12 prizes up for grabs. … Read more

lloyd COVID Dine-In House Rules

We knew there was never going to be a perfect time to open up for dine-in. It’s possible we’ll have to shut down again in a few weeks & revert back to the same takeout style we’ve been rolling with since March, but as of January 25th we’re open for dine-in again. Cleanliness has always … Read more

I Want to Buy a Burrito for the Frontline

  We’re proud to have spearheaded the initiative “WNY Feeds the Frontline” with Daniel Greene, Nick Barone, Jonathan Gorcyzca, & Josh Feine. We all know what our local healthcare workers & restaurants are up against right now so this is a great opportunity to help both out at the same time. As of right now … Read more

How to Eat a Carne Asada Burrito

  It has come to our attention that some people genuinely do not know how to properly eat a burrito. It’s not Rocket (Sauce) Science, but there’s a way to eat a burrito & come out looking like a champion. Scenario created & provided by Helm.   Step 1 Using a firm but gentle grip, … Read more