lloyd is 6 years old!

It all began July 28, 2010, when a 1984 Step Van purchased from Corpus Christi, Texas rolled up to Main & Mohawk in downtown Buffalo. Food trucks had officially entered Buffalo. The company?


What followed over the next few years was a food truck REVOLUTION leading to over 50 trucks all over the city serving cuisine ranging from pizza to burgers to sweets. In 6 years of existence, we were able to turn 1 truck into a fleet of 4 with a restaurant on Hertel & a second opening on Elmwood in the Fall.


This is Where YOU Come In!

If you’ve partied with us in the past you might remember the glory that is an all-you-can-eat taco bar featuring brand NEW tacos you’ve never seen on the trucks or in the Taco Factory.

$20 gets you access to our Nacho Bar, a free pass to ingest all the tacos your stomach can handle, FREE H20/Jarritos & the coveted dessert bar.

There Will Be Booze

This marks the first year we haven’t teamed up with Artisan Kitchens & Baths to host the event as we’re making use of our Taco Factory this time! And yes, that means cocktails. PLENTY of cocktails.


We might even whip up a few new creations to commemorate this milestone! We’ve been trying to get Ric Flair to guest bartend for us but we’re still waiting to hear from his agent….

Ric Flair

Tacos & Alcohol Not Enough?

We’ll be providing tours of our Tortilla Facility to give you a behind the scenes look at what it takes to fuel lloyd on a daily basis. We teamed up with lloyd Tortillas to bring Buffalo the most authentic tortillas between Chicago & NYC. You will learn all about nixtamalization, an Ancient Aztec process of soaking corn kernels in a lime-water solution. Get up close & personal with the equipment & processes that make it all possible.


You can win some serious CASH in our 50/50 drawing, get your hands on some fresh lloyd merch & win a couple prizes while you’re at it.

Mark your calendars, bring the entire family & let us thank YOU for helping us over the years! All tickets are purchased at the door so get there early & claim your heir to the taco throne.

Taco Throne

DATE: August 21st

TIME: 12p-4p

COST: $20 (all you can eat, booze NOT included)

*NO PRESALE. All tix purchased at the door*

LOCATION: lloyd Taco Factory (1503 Hertel Avenue)

Family friendly!