Old School

Pick your protein

Braised Beef • Grilled Chicken • Slow Roasted Pork •Stewed Local Black Bean*

All proteins are antibiotic and hormone free 


Taco $2.99 lloyd Corn tortilla, jack, cabbage, Chimi, Roja, cilantro

Burrito $7.99 Local flour tortilla, rice, beans, jack, cabbage, Chimi, Roja

Tricked Out Nachos $8.99 Corn chips, lloyd Queso, cilantro, Roja, Crema Mexicana, jalapeños, Pickled Reds

El Camino Bowl $7.99 Cabbage, rice, beans, jack, cilantro, Chimi, Roja, Pickled Reds

New School

Taco $3.34   •   Burrito $8.49


Big Willie Style Buttermilk fried chicken, Frank’s Red Hot, blue cheese dressing, romaine, tomato, red onion

Dirty South Buttermilk fried chicken, baby kale, Piggery bacon aioli, waffle pieces, Harvest Patch maple syrup

Big lloyd Local ground beef, special sauce, romaine, cheddar, pickles, onions, sesame seeds

Crispy Fish Wild Pollock, cabbage, Chimi, chipotle mayo, radish, cilantro


Skinny Thai Fried organic tofu, peanut sauce, radish, Asian cukes, scallions, cilantro

S’More Stuff

Korean HOT Chicken $9.59 Double fried thighs, gochujang hot sauce, Tiger slaw, Asian cukes, mayo, toasted local bun

Karate Salad $8.49 “Togarashi”-tossed fried tofu, Asian cukes, radish, roasted Oles Farm squash, cabbage, kale, radicchio, miso vinaigrette, sesame seeds.


Drunken Chicken Quesadilla $9.49 Mezcal salsa, Chihuahua cheese, Crema Mexicana, Pickled Reds

Sides & Such

Cortez Salad $5.99 House greens, cotija (Caesar style) dressing, tortilla croutons, candied pumpkin seeds

Add Protein $1.99


Mexicali Spring Rolls $4.09 Charred poblano, Chihuahua cheese, roasted local mushrooms, Roja & citrus dip

Crack-ed Potatoes $4.49 Crispy fried local fingerlings, garlic oil, ssamjang “crack” sauce, mayo, scallions, cilantro, sesame seeds

Chorizo Mackin Cheese $3.99 lloyd Queso, mini pasta shells, crunchy topping

Reg Nach $3.79 Stone ground corn chips, Roja, lloyd Queso OR House Guac

Sticky Sprouts $3.99 Fried brussels sprouts, chipotle-honey glaze, garlic crunchies, pickled fresnos, cilantro, lime

Side of the Week Ask your Maître 😀

Churn Stuff

Butterscotch Pretzel Cheesecake $3.59 G.O.A.T. cheesecake, topped with butterscotch sauce and pretzel bits

Fluffernutter Hand Grenade $3.59 Marshmallow and peanut butter-filled pastry pie

Aztec Brownie $2.79 Fudgy cake, spicy mocha ganache, chocolate chips


Mexican Coca-Cola $2.49

Jarritos $2.29

NYS Spring Water $1.99

Churn Cold Brew $3.49 

Take lloyd Home

11″ Flour Tortilla 12 for $5.99

Fresh Tortillas 12 for $2.79 • 24 for $4.99

Fresh Masa $1.99 per lb.

Rocket Sauce $4.99