Our Food

We believe in happy animals because at the end of the day, you are what you eat, ate. Since day one, lloyd has sourced antibiotic/hormone free meats & organic black beans. Vegetables that are grown in the ground, cabbage grown in fields, cilantro picked at peak ripeness; this is what defines lloyd.

We do our best to source locally as much as possible. Supporting the same community that has been so vital to our existence is very important to us. Teaming up with area farms like Oles, Plato Dale & Arden has been a crucial part of our commitment to local. Buffalo is our hometown. We were born & raised here, so why not support Buffalo?

We’ve set forth a plan for our ingredients & how we want to prepare our food.  Western New York is our home, we want to help ensure a bright future for our neighbors for years to come.

Rocket, rocket, all of my rocket sauce.

Tenacious D helped us out on this one (see link to video).  We make just about everything else in house, why not our very own kick ass hot sauce?  Rocket sauce brings a unique heat & flavor combination you can’t find anywhere else.  The recipe has been passed down in the lloyd family since the first pyramid was built, we’ve been lucky enough to bottle & sell it for your pleasure.


Some of you may not even know what pickled red onions are. That makes lloyd sad. Cooked in a vinegar & sugar solution, these babies turn a bright pink when ready & should be added to any item you get from lloyd (dessert included).

We chose to use the hashtag #lloydisreal for a few reasons.

#lloydisreal on so many levels. The FOOD is real. The PEOPLE are real. We proudly employ over 85 workers, roughly 15 of which being refugees in the Buffalo area who make up the backbone of our company. Everything about lloyd is real, come see us in action.