Bootcamp & Burritos


On Saturday June 29th, lululemon & Revolution Buffalo took over our Williamsville Taco Factory for Bootcamp & Burritos! They helped us pack the place & we rolled free breakfast burritos for every participant. There’s a reason to workout, & that reason is free food.

Bootcamp & Burritos 1Bootcamp & Burritos 2


The Bootcamp Class

The weather was beautiful & the class was full. Instructors from Rev & lulu pushed people to the limit so they could EARN that free burrito afterwards. With the ability to hold over 120 people inside & a giant parking lot outside (spread the word, we have a parking lot!), we were excited to offer our space to get people up & moving to start their day. If you have any suggestions for what our next fitness class should be, contact us here!


lloyd_bootcamp_burritosBootcamp & Burritos 3Bootcamp & Burritos 4Bootcamp & Burritos 5


And a Tent Sale!

Participants got an early jump on some lulu merch before it was opened to the public at 11am. This is the 2nd year in a row we’ve had a lulu tent sale on our back patio in Williamsville & chances are, we’re doing it again next year! Plus, with Pete being a lulu ambassador, we might even connect with them more often.


Bootcamp & Burritos 6


Thanks again to Rev Buffalo & lululemon for making this a success!! Check us out on social media for what we’ve got planned next.


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