I Want to Buy a Burrito for the Frontline


We’re proud to have spearheaded the initiative “WNY Feeds the Frontline” with Daniel Greene, Nick Barone, Jonathan Gorcyzca, & Josh Feine. We all know what our local healthcare workers & restaurants are up against right now so this is a great opportunity to help both out at the same time. As of right now we have over 30 local restaurants participating & over $175k raised!

How It Works

Every $10 you donate = 1 meal for a medical worker on the frontline. The Buffalo Renaissance Foundation is a non-profit charity group that’ll process your tax-deductible donation & contact participating restaurants to make meals for WNY medical workers.

Local hospitals reach out when an order is needed & from there we fulfill that order. So far lloyd has rolled over 750 burritos thru this initiative with more drop-offs on the way.

I Want to Buy a Burrito for the Frontline 1

Click here if you’d like to help out in any way! And help our community by sharing this with someone

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