lloyd COVID Dine-In House Rules

We knew there was never going to be a perfect time to open up for dine-in. It’s possible we’ll have to shut down again in a few weeks & revert back to the same takeout style we’ve been rolling with since March, but as of January 25th we’re open for dine-in again.

Cleanliness has always been a top priority here at lloyd whether you’re visiting our Trucks or heading to a Taco Factory. So, on top of our already rigorous cleaning schedule, below is a list of ways lloyd will make your dining experience as safe as possible.

  1. Partitions between each seating area
    1. Plexiglass dividers have been installed to separate each group of seats
  2. A maximum of 39 guests at Hertel & 53 guests at our Williamsville location, no exceptions
  3. 4 guests maximum to a table (as per the Gov’s latest update)
  4. Contactless ordering
    1. Using the QR code on each table, you’ll head to our ordering page to place your order & our staff will deliver food directly to your table
  5. Frequent surface cleaning by our staff
  6. The air inside each Factory is being treated with Plasma Air Ionization Technology. Sounds made up, but it deactivates airborne viruses to render them harmless
  7. Reminder that all seating is first come first serve. We are not accepting reservations.
  8. And most importantly, we’re really happy to have you back, no matter how weird the circumstances.


Below is a list of our House Rules. Please read them carefully. Failure to comply with our rules will result in lloyd removing you from his Holiday Card list.

lloyd COVID Dine-In House Rules 1


If you have any feedback on ways to improve our dining experience, please send them to help@whereslloyd.com


*Everything is fluid. We will keep our dining experience & rules current with each incoming update from the Governor.

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