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At this time, no one is allowed inside the dining area. A staff member will hand you your order at the door. We ask that you please observe the proper social distancing measures by wearing a mask and keeping at least 6ft away from others picking up their order.

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Besides Cinco de Mayo, National Taco Day, & Bruce Lee’s birthday, there’s another day out there lloyd holds near & dear to his heart.

This Friday marks National Margarita Day!! We’re kicking up the jams with $8 mezcal & tequila margaritas all day long. Checkout the hours for both Taco Factories right here.

Choose Your Path

Select either tequila or mezcal (lloyd is always partial to mezcal) & with or without cilantro. From there, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is which taco will complement your margarita best. *Might as well try the entire menu just to be safe.*

P.S. Pop in around dinnertime for unique tequila tastings!!

Choose Fresh, Every Time

If you know lloyd, you know he’s already been in the lab perfecting his recipe because the only thing store-bought about our margaritas are the spirits that go into them. Our bar team spends countless hours prepping lime juice from scratch. Fresher is better, come taste the difference for yourself.