The NEW S’more Stuff Menu

  lloyd was born and raised on tacos. That’s all his parents made for him, breakfast, lunch and dinner til he turned 18. He lives and BREATHES tacos, but lloyd always knew there was more to life than delicious meat piled high inside a nixtamalized corn tortilla. In a dream, he saw our full potential. A world … Read more

October All-Stars

Introducing your October All-Stars!! First we have Aaron, QB extraordinaire who rolls burritos bigger than the Electric Tower. Next we have Saw, our Prep Master who is the literal glue holding our trucks and Taco Factory together. These two studs worked their asses off all month (and everyday) and came away as our All-Stars! That … Read more

$50 Gift Card to the Best lloyd Costume!

  Halloween approaches, you’ve been invited to a few parties and you’re really looking to wow your friends this year. Sure, you could be Ace Ventura again, but no one will remember that 6 months from now. What if we told you that for dressing like Buffalo’s first taco truck you could win a $50 … Read more

Your September All-Stars!

Every week, the managers at lloyd submit their vote for whoever they felt worked the hardest, embodied our core values the best or went above & beyond their duties. At the end of the month, 1 winner is chosen, granting them a prize worth up to $250! This past month we decided to open up … Read more

Nickel City Drink

  From October 12-16, Buffalo is going to experience a cocktail festival featuring some of the hardest hitters in the craft cocktail scene: Nickel City Drink. Founding members include: Buffalo Proper, Vera, Marble + Rye, Mes Que, Toutant and of course, lloyd. What do we all have in common? A love for making great cocktails … Read more

lloyd Teams Up With the Food Bank of WNY

  As most of you may already know, lloyd sits in the #2 position currently in the #thomasbreakfastbattle! We advanced to Round 2 as the field narrowed from 50 to 25 trucks from around the nation, with Round 3 beginning Monday, September 26th @ 12 am EST. How’d we get here? YOU! Making a point … Read more

Vote lloyd in the #ThomasBreakfastBattle!

  lloyd has been chosen as 1 of 50 food trucks from around the U.S. to compete in the Thomas’ Breakfast Battle! Each truck was required to submit a recipe that could be made from start to finish on a food truck using Thomas’ products. Our submission? CHURRO BREAD PUDDING! It’ll be available on the … Read more

Meet the August All-Star!

And the August All-Star award goes to……. Ei Reh!! He has been with us for 16 months and was hired thru the International Institute of Buffalo! Each week the managers/owners of lloyd submit the name of an employee they feel goes above and beyond to make lloyd a better place. At the end of each month, a … Read more

lloyd is 6 years old!

It all began July 28, 2010, when a 1984 Step Van purchased from Corpus Christi, Texas rolled up to Main & Mohawk in downtown Buffalo. Food trucks had officially entered Buffalo. The company? lloyd What followed over the next few years was a food truck REVOLUTION leading to over 50 trucks all over the city … Read more

Brunch is Coming

You’ve been tweeting, Facebook messaging, Instagramming, calling, texting & sending out smoke signals all in the name of one thing: for lloyd Taco Factory to be open on Sundays. Well, lloyd heard and lloyd listened. This Sunday, July 17th, the Taco Factory will be open for Brunch! For the OG lloyd fans you’ll be happy to hear … Read more