Cocktails are a Grand Thing…They Make you Forget all the Bad

  Yeah, like a Spring that was supposed to arrive 3 weeks ago or another Sabres’ season that has us reminiscing about the days when Lindy Ruff & his moustache brought the Presidents’ Trophy to Buffalo.   But alas, that’s what cocktails are for. Each season our cocktail menu changes: some new drinks join the … Read more

Spring Hasn’t Sprung, But Our Spring Menu Has!

  Spring hasn’t really sprung, but someday, somewhere in Buffalo, it’ll get warmer.   Beginning last week, we launched our Spring Menu at both Factories! We’ve added 3 new items that even the most OG lloyd fan hasn’t tasted before. Lets meet the newest members to the squad (and say goodbye to the ones who … Read more

There’s a New Mr. Softee in Town

  It’s been almost 4 years since we’ve opened a new truck, but we’re excited to announce that beginning this summer, a Churn Ice Cream Truck will be roaming the streets of Buffalo!!   The beauty of it all is that we’ll be able to serve just like the Mr. Softee trucks you remember from … Read more

Not Your Tipico Cold Brew

  Churn Cold Brew is now available at BOTH Taco Factories!! Using Tipico Coffee Coordinates Blend (beans sourced from Ethiopia, Brazil & Colombia), we’ve created a brew that’s as smooth as it is delicious, which is pretty damn smooth!! You’ll get hints of chocolate, caramel & toffee.       Wait, what the hell is … Read more

Chef Teddy Hosts Healthy Options Cooking Class!

  Chef Teddy is BACK to host his 2nd Healthy Options Cooking Class on April 3rd from 6p-8p at D’Avolio Kitchen (5409 Main Street, Williamsville) in collaboration with Independent Health! He’s created a special menu with items not always available at lloyd, so get yourself a seat!! Watch firsthand as he takes you through the … Read more

2018 Food Truck Taco of the Year!

It’s official, we’ve been voted the 2018 Food Truck Taco of the Year!!   No, not Food Truck of the Year, Food Truck TACO. What does that really mean? We’re not sure, but we won it in 2014 & again this year, and it’s considered a National Championship since we go up against trucks from … Read more


  You say you love lloyd, but not until you spend 3 hours making a hand-crafted Valentine for your one true taco love will he believe you. Til Tuesday 2/13, we’re accepting your #lloydloveletters at EVERY truck stop for a chance to win a $100 Gift Card! We’ll have pens & paper on each truck so … Read more

Reverse Happy Hour is ALIVE!!

  Every Monday-Thursday at our Hertel & Williamsville Taco Factories between 9p-11p, we run $5 food & drink specials. They’re special like your Grandma’s pancake recipe except you can’t get it anytime you want & we won’t bring it right to your bed like she would. The Food ($5) Szechuan Chicken Bites Fried strips secret … Read more

Winter Cocktail Menu

  Every 3 months we switch up our cocktail menu. We add 4 fresh faces to the crew and sometimes bring back some from our OG menus. lloyd either burns the recipes in an incinerator or keeps them in his 10,000 page cocktail book he keeps locked up underneath his bunk bed (crap, we shouldn’t … Read more

Home Alone Bash

  Marv? Harry? Why the hell did you take your shoes off? Why the hell are you dressed like a chicken? These are all questions you’ll get to ask at our 2nd Annual Home Alone BASH on Friday, 12/22 from 8p-close! We’re partying at BOTH Hertel & Williamsville because we can’t eat all of Kevin’s … Read more