The New Wonder Bread

While some evidence points to 10,000 BC for the birth of the tortilla, we’d like to think even our Cavemen ancestors marked Taco Tuesday on their calendars. In recent years, tacos and all things tortilla have experienced somewhat of a Renaissance. Not only have Americans jumped on the bandwagon, the rest of the world has … Read more

The New School

The days of ground beef, cheese & lettuce in a hard shell tortilla are over. Over the years lloyd has experimented outside of the “standard” menu highlighted by roasted tomatillo pork & braised beef tacos. Those who have been patronizing the truck since the Main & Mohawk days might remember a singing fish strapped to … Read more

What the Hell is Mezcal?

In Buffalo we drink a lot of Blue Light, 7 & 7’s, and pretty much anything that helps us forget about our 6 month winters. Lloyd is here to add another spirit to your repertoire: Mezcal. Tequila’s Dark, Mysterious, Sexy Cousin If Mezcal and Tequila were people, Tequila would be the popular partier while Mezcal … Read more

Lets Get #Nixtamalized

Nixtamalization when translated means “An old, old wooden ship.” Wait, that can’t be right. Since lloyd began roaming the streets of Buffalo in 2010, quality has been the #1 concern. Antibiotic/hormone free meats, organic black beans, homemade sauces & fresh cut cabbage contribute to a menu that has raised the bar for street food standards … Read more

If Willy Wonka owned a Taco Factory

Imagine Willy Wonka applied his same ingenuity for sweets & collaborated with lloyd to break ground on Buffalo’s first taco factory. Co-owners Pete Cimino & Chris Dorsaneo created the offbeat lloyd culture from day one & have translated this mindset into their very first brick & mortar location. Paying homage to one of the co-owners’ childhood … Read more

2014 BEST Food Truck Taco!

Winner! Winner chicken TACO dinner! As many of you probably know, we’ve been gunning for that number 1 spot lately. The battle for 2014 BEST food truck taco in North America was close. Along with fifteen other trucks, lloyd made it to the final round. Box of Chacos (Hollywood, FL), Dia de los Tacos (Marquette, MI) and What the Fork (Scranton, PA) and … Read more

¡Muchas gracias, de almas valientes!

lloyd the III has been serving at Buffalo State College since Jan 27 and its been pretty BANANAS with the weather we’re having this winter. We want to say muchas, muchas GRACIAS to everyone who braved (and continues to brave) the almost blizzard-like record breaking conditions in WNY! Glad it was worth it to have a happy … Read more

lloyd goes to school!

So its been two whole weeks at Buffalo State and its been COLD! But we’ve had a blast getting to meet all you guys and gals. The fun’s not over yet. Stop by the trucks this Tuesday, February 11 from 12-2PM for our GRAND OPENING celebration. The party is in the quad with bites and prizes to … Read more

New year, new (and improved) lloyd experience

You may have noticed some changes on the trucks lately. No need to panic, we’ve got your back. For any of you who like new grub options or prefer to pay with plastic, this is all about you 😉 Credit Cards! We’ve got brand new Square Point of Sale terminals on OG, Dos and the III which is … Read more